This FIT GUIDE is a GUIDELINE to sizing, we are all different shapes and sizes, and few of us use the same size across different brands. For any questions, pop us an email at and we'll help you find the perfect fit. 

Our sizes are standard South Africa sizes. Please see the table below for sizing conversions. Our swimwear is designed around the idea of fit, shape and aesthetic. All material used is a high quality luxe, soft to touch combination of 80% lycra and 20% elastane, meaning that even though the fabric is tight, it does possess great stretch properties and will hug the body appropriately according to size.  

Our swimwear is design as the ideal hybrid between skin showing and covering up or rendering support for fitness purposes. All cuts are focused around fit and shape and we therefore do not recommend ordering a size smaller then you are for extra ‘skin exposure’ unless otherwise stated.

Our FIT GUIDE will help ensure a 'fit' bikini, but it might not be the 'fit' you are after. Consider these questions when choosing a size:

  1. How much coverage of my bust and bottom do I want? 
  2. Do I want bust support, a bust illusion or bust coverage?
  3. Do I want a tight or looser fit on my bust? (All our tops are designed for a relatively firm fit on the bust, creating a greater bust line, better tan lines and more support in motion). 
  4. Do I want to use this swimwear as activewear? (We recommend the LEX & FRANKIE for active use)

If you have chosen the wrong size, no problem. We have a 7 day return policy as long as all packaging and hygiene tags remain attached to the ALL garments you wish to exchange. 

Standard Sizing Conversion
ZAR 30 32 34 36
AUS/UK 6 8 10 12
US 2 4 6 8
EU 34 36 38 40



How the bottoms fit will will depend largely on your body type as well as the coverage you desire. The RAVEN, NEW RAVEN, LIVIA & MARIA cuts are measured at low and medium cut sizing, however the the bottoms are designed to be flexible and worn as low, medium and high cuts. Should you chose to wear the bottoms at a high cut, bare in the mind that the straps will be less tight on your waist but by no means loose. Likewise, the centre seam on the AME cut allows for flexibility on the sides, allowing customers to wear the bottom at their desired cut. 

Our new KIMMY bottoms are designed to be high waisted, but the degree of 'high' will depend on the length of your torso. Shorter torso's can expect the KIMMY to meet just below or on the belly button whilst llonger torso's can expect the KIMMY to meet anywhere between the belly button and 2.5cm below the belly button. 

REMEMBER: The higher the cut, the lesser the coverage. 


You know your body better then anyone and will know what kind of cut you would like on your bust. For the LEX cuts, we would recommend ordering a size up if your cup size is a full C or bigger. This is because the straps are non adjustable and therefore cannot give way for bigger cup sizes. The under bust band is a tight fit, design for maximum support so if you are between two sizes for the LEX, we suggest taking the larger size. Likewise, if you have a smaller bust with broader shoulders, add a size. 

Measurements PER DESIGN
Under Bust
BUST (cm)
30/6 65 - 70 cm 74 - 79 cm
32/8 70 - 75 cm 79 - 84 cm
34/10 75 - 80 cm 84 - 88 cm
36/12 80 - 85 cm 88 - 93 cm
38/14 85 - 90 cm  93 - 98 cm
  *Note, we would recommend measuring your bust without a bra on.
A A 12cm per cup
B 14cm per cup
C C 16cm per cup
D D 18cm per cup
 *Note, the Mackenzie design is designed for minimal coverage and thereby cut smaller than a regular cup size. Please measure cup coverage before purchasing. 
30/6 14cm  78 - 83 cm
32/8 15cm
79 - 8cm
34/10 16cm
84 - 89 cm
36/12 17cm
89 - 94 cm


30/6 14cm 
74 - 79 cm
32/8 15cm 79 - 84 cm
34/10 16cm 84 - 89 cm
36/12 17cm 89 - 94 cm


30/6 65 - 70 cm 74 - 79 cm
32/8 70 - 75 cm 79 - 84 cm
34/10 75 - 80 cm 84 - 89 cm
36/12 80 - 85 cm  89 - 96 cm

 * We would recommend ordering a size up in the LEX if you are a full C cup or bigger. 

BUST (cm)
32B 80 - 85 cm 30C, 34A, 36AA
32C 85 - 90 cm 30D, 34B, 36A, 38AA
34B 90 - 95 cm 30D, 34B, 36A, 38AA
34C 95 - 100 cm 30DD, 32D, 36B, 38A
36B 100 - 105 cm 30DD, 32D, 36B, 38A, 40AA
36C 105 - 110 cm 30E, 32DD, 34D, 38B, 40A


Please refer to Sister Sizing Scale below:

NOTE: The LINNY tops have been sized and graded by a lingerie specialist - meaning they are true to bra fit and size. However, as we know, we tend to buy different bra sizes from store to store. 

When figuring out your LINNY fit, it is important to remember to weigh up the difference between how you want your bra (an under garment) to fit vs. how you want your LINNY top (an outer wear garment) to fit. ie. The practical bra vs. the swimwear aesthetic fit. 

HIPS (cm) 
30/6 77- 82 cm
32/8 82 - 87 cm
34/10 87 - 92 cm
36/12 92 - 97 cm


HIPS (cm) 
30/6 77- 82cm
32/8 82 - 87cm
34/10 87 - 92cm
36/12 92-97cm
38/14 97-102cm


HIPS (cm) 
30/6 77 - 82 cm
32/8 82 - 87 cm
34/10 87 - 92 cm
36/12 92 - 97 cm


HIPS (cm) 
30/6 82 - 87 cm
32/8 87 - 92 cm
34/10 92 - 97 cm
36/12 97 - 102 cm
38/14 102 - 107 cm


HIPS (cm) 
30/6 77- 82 cm
32/8 82 - 87 cm
34/10 87 - 92 cm
36/12 92 - 97 cm
 *Please note, the NEW RAVEN's have been designed seamless. Whilst the pattern and the fit of the RAVEN is the same, having a seamless design allows for more stretch. If you are between sizes, we'd recommend taking the smaller size. 
HIPS (cm) 
30/6 77 - 82cm
32/8 82 - 87cm
34/10 87 - 92cm
36/12 92 - 97cm

HIPS (cm) 
30/6 77 - 82cm
32/8 82 - 87cm
34/10 87 - 92cm
36/12 92 - 97cm
38/14 97 - 102cm


Frequently asked sizing questions: 

  1. How do I measure my bust? Take a tape measure and and wrap it around the largest area of your bust (usually through the nipple line). Always round the number up and measure without a bra on.

  2. How do I measure my hips?  Start at one hip and wrap the tape measure around your rear, around the other hip and back to where you started.

  3. What's the difference between the RAVEN & NEW RAVEN cuts?  The NEW RAVEN cuts are seamless, making them have an extra degree of stretch. If you are in between two sizes for the RAVEN cut take the bigger size, if you are in between two sizes for the NEW RAVEN cut, take the smaller cut. 

  4. I am a 32 DD, what top options would you recommend? LEX 36, FRANKIE 34, JESS 34, LINNY 36C - depending on measurements. Remember, when I comes to swimwear there are always 2 sizes - 1) The actual size fit 2) The desired fit (based on cleavage, coverage etc).  

  5. Can ANA or JESS tops be worn on bigger busts? YES! BUT, tt is important to do two measurements - the first one through the centre of your bust and then second from the top of the neckline that you are happy with to the under bust. Refer to the ANA or JESS sizing scale (both have been made using the sample bandeaux measurements) and compare your measurements.

  6. What would you recommend for a small A cup that doesn't want to look like an A cup? The Frankie and the Mackenzie. Both tops (if ordered in the correct size, create greater bust illusions. Remember, a size down in a size can also assist to creating a bust line.

  7. In between sizes?  If you’re between sizes, keep in mind the coverage you want. In general, we would suggest sizing down in our swimwear if you are between sizing since swimwear can stretch slightly overtime. However, if you prefer less coverage or more push-up, we recommend sizing down.

  8. How can I wash my swimwear? We'd recommend rinsing your swimwear with clean water immediately after you remove it. To wash, use a drop of shampoo (not conditioner) and cleanse the garment together. Rinse clean and air dry lying flat (not hanging).

    Still unsure? Pop us an email at and we'll help you find your perfect LIPÉ fit.