LIPÉ has been curated, inspired and transpired through an array of textures, mattes and prints all captured and experienced on a four year journey of South East Asia. 

Ko Lipé, an exotic wanderlust island, hidden deep in the Andaman Sea, forms part of an archipelago of islands surrounded by clear waters, rich corals, textures and colours - making its natural beauty an architectural paragon. Simplistic in design and distinguished by its 'L' shape curves, this Thai hideaway is surrounded by Malay counter parts, making it an individual, a stand out, a survivor and a best kept secret. 

As an insulation of all things summer, LIPÉ, serves as both a namesake and inspiration behind our brand - embodying a lifestyle of natural components, textured elements, breathtaking aesthetic and fundamental shape in a seemingly simplistic approach. LIPÉ is a curation of design, shape, fit and aesthetic that over time, with effort and attention to detail has transpired into authenticity and opulence with utter subtleness. 

Over a four year journey, LIPÉ has been tried and tested by manufactures throughout Vietnam and Indonesia, only to find its new manufacturing home in its owners backyard of Cape Town, South Africa. Prior to the conception and development of LIPÉ, two years were spent in research of textiles, pattern making, shape, fit, finishings and swimwear designs.

LIPÉ is now a South African made brand, ethically created and locally supported. As a brand, we favour fit, shape and aesthetic in creating garments that provoke desire and aspiration, through embodying the fit of a woman’s body in an effort to showcase her inner confidence, externally.