Our CAPSULE 21 is collection is LIPÉ's latest drop and encapsulates our most requested pieces - all adjusted, redesigned, reworked and resized with the feedback and requests from our customers. 

What's new in CAPSULE 21? 

Our FRANKIE tops are the same design but resized a full size up, meaning if you purchased a size 12/36 previously, you would be a size 10/34 in this collection. In addition, the Frankie tops are double lined with soft, removable cups to add an extra layer of coverage and body. 
Our MARIA bottoms are the same shape and cut but have been redesigned with a soft seamless finish using the same material on both sides of the garment. The Maria's have been graded up a size, meaning if you purchased a 10/34 previously, you would be a 8/32 in this collection. 
Our KENZIE tops are a similar pattern to our previous MACKENZIE tops but feature a new seamless design with removable padding.